the fiction room

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Book Catalog
Ruth Eleanor Brown
Terms of Membership
1.Anyone can become a member, by providing the requested personal and contact information, to be entered into the library’s member database.
Terms of Use
1.All persons, younger than 18 years old must provide documentation of their guardian’s permission to be exposed to the library material before they will be permitted to use the library.
2.All persons who live outside of Schuyler County or anyone who needs to have the material of the library mailed or otherwise delivered to them, shall establish a deposit of an amount to be determined by the management of the library, which will be used to reimburse the library for delivery costs, and to guarantee the return of the library material.
3.It is recommended that borrowers make their book selections from the library catalog.
4.Since the collection is old and has been exposed to dust, insects and wide variations in temperature and humidity, it is recommended that latex gloves and dust mask be worn when working with the book collection on the shelves.
Terms for Borrowing
1.Books are loaned for a time agreed upon at the time of borrowing. The default borrowing term is one month.
2.There is not a limit on the number of books which may be borrowed, however,
3.No further books shall be loaned to a member who has any overdue books.
the non-fiction room
The library should be open one day a week during the Summer, on Mondays between noon and 8PM.
If you are traveling to visit the library, please send an email message to Daniel R. Hirtler to confirm that the library will be open on the day you will want to visit.