I provide architectural services
on a consulting basis.
My billable rate is $100 per hour.

Certain design activities have a consistency which permits them to be budgeted as follows:
  • Sketch Sessions, 1-3 hours ($100 - $300)
  • Site Measurements, 3-5 hours ($300 - $500)
  • Schematic Design, 20 hours ($2,000)
For a project of a substantial size ($100,000 construction cost), it would be reasonable to budget a total architectural cost of service of 7% of construction cost.
A small project should be budgeted higher, and larger projects could result in a cost of services less than 7%.
Since all design services are customized to the individual project and its particular requirements, these are guides for budgeting, and are not guarantees of any cost of service.
Construction documents and the architect's involvement during the construction process would be included in the total architectural cost of services using the rules of thumb described above.
Variances, and other services which are entirely tied to the nature of the particular project should be accounted for in addition to these guides.

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